4 Off the Wall Yet Fun Ways to Fill Your Calendar with Job Interviews... and Say Goodbye to Searching Job Listings!

Tired of burning up shoe leather looking for a job? Take a walk on the wild side. Most of us quickly tire of the standard method of job hunting. Find some job listings, find a job you qualify for, submit a resume and wait. It's hard work that all too often never pays off. What if there a fun way to get all the interviews you can handle? Well there are! Read on...

Here you'll find 4 fun ways to get a job interview. One or two may appeal to you more than the rest. That's okay. Each one is effective when used properly. Like anything - if you try them half-halfheartedly none are likely to work at all. With that in mind here goes:

1. Land a job interview by socializing with someone who knows someone who...

This method is one of the easiest and most natural one for most people. Someone you know has the key to a great job. They know someone or something that can help you get an interview. You don't have to "pump" anyone for information either. Just talk to people you know. (This works even better if you have a knack for making new friends) Sooner or later someone will offer up a sliver of information. It may be a company or someone they know. From here just ask for a name, a phone number or something and follow it up. This method may produce one or several leads, depending on the kind of person you are and how aggressively you pursue your leads. Once again, there's no need to strong arm people, but it doesn't hurt to look for sparks to fan into a roaring blaze either.

2. Research your way into a job interview.

With the right attitude, this is one of the most fun ways to get interviews. Why? Because you get to explore all kinds of new things with no pressure at all. Often an interview just falls in your lap! What you do is make a list of jobs that can use the skills you have. Then make a list of companies that hire this kind of employee. Now make some calls to find out what these jobs are really like. You'll learn a lot and, when someone starts describing a job you can get excited about, you may just find yourself interviewing for it. Try it - you might just surprise yourself.

3. Display your expertise - get interviewed...

If you are knowledgeable about a certain subject - one of the best ways to land an interview is to show the world what you know. How do you do this? Much depends on your field, however in most cases you'll want to publish one or more articles on your subject. If you have a hot topic, you may find an outlet in radio or local television or you can speak at a seminar or a civic group. Be forewarned - if you do this right you may find yourself with an outright job offer instead of just an interview.

4. Land a job by becoming an enthusiastic customer

While this last idea is hit or miss, it can be very effective. If you have used a product or service or shop at a store you really like, why not consider working there? Let's say you love your lattes and frequent your local coffee shop. You probably already know everyone there. Do they know you are looking for a job? Are they aware you would love to work there? This can work in several types of businesses. The key is making sure the places you frequent realize your enthusiasm. If they are not hiring they may be willing to recommend you to someone who is and chances are they know what's going on in the industry.

These are not your father's way of looking for work. They are a bit off the beaten path and yet every one of them has been used successfully to land really great interviews and jobs that might otherwise be missed.