Ignorance Is Not Bliss - Why You Aren’t Getting Job Offers

Do you keep getting rejected at each and every interview that you go on? Is this getting you down? Making you feel dejected? Before you decide that ‘it’s all someone else’s fault’, have you thought of the possibility that you might be going wrong somewhere during the interview process? Well, instead of just sitting there and wondering why you’re not getting any good job offers you should probably try to find out why and make changes. Most job seekers feel that they have been rejected for no reason whatsoever, but this is usually not true.

Reasons Why You Might Be Getting Rejected

Here Are Five Of The Most Common Reasons Why Interviewers Reject Applicants:

Lack of Confidence and Enthusiasm – When going for an interview, you must always show enthusiasm for the job. You don’t have to be a David Letterman, but a little bit of eagerness can work wonders for you. Enthusiasm, confidence and boldness will indeed do more for you than any college degree can.

It’s All About Me – Yes, you probably are itching to know all about the benefits, leaves, vacations, insurance, etc. but you shouldn’t lead in with these questions. First, your interviewer will want to know if you can benefit the company. You can’t negotiate about vacation time before you have even been offered the job. You need to put your needs on the back burner for a minute and try to convince the interviewer that you are the perfect person for the job and that you have always wanted to work there - then you can get down to discussing the salary and benefits.

Poor Appearance – First things first - if you really want the job, dress well. You can’t walk in wearing cut off jeans and a baseball cap! Most people get irritated about being rejected because of their nose rings, unpolished shoes or even bad breath. But these factors really do matter. Remember that companies hire people - not academic qualifications and past experiences. If you don’t look presentable then they won’t like you. And, if they don’t like you, then it won’t matter how impressive your experience is, you’re just not going to get the job. It might not be fair, but that’s the way it is.

Going Unprepared For The Interview – If you flounder when being asked certain basic questions, you will give the impression of being unprepared and not interested in the company or the job! The time that you spend in preparing for your job interview will be time that is invested wisely.

Lacking The Wow Factor – Even if you don’t particularly like selling toothbrushes door-to-door, you need to realize that at every interview, you must sell yourself. In today’s competitive market, it is necessary to promote yourself. After the interview, you can send a Thank You note and follow up with a telephone call at least two to three days later. Today’s companies are frantically searching for competent employees. So, it is good to sell yourself and show interest in the job.

Prior to going on an interview, make a note of your strengths and talents. Present yourself with enthusiasm and confidence. Make sure you follow up and once you’ve done all this, be ready to have multiple job offers waiting at your doorstep.